Friday, July 31, 2009

Celebrity Murders Final Show

Celebrity Murders are approaching the end of there existence. Since the first time I heard about the band I was stoked. Any project that Mike D. (S.S.S.P., K.Y.I., C.R., Serpico [Sleeper], Last Laugh, F.S.M., ETC.) is a part of usually raises an eyebrow for me. It all started at Finally Fred's in N.Y.C. I went to see Celebrity Murders not knowing a single song and was Amazed. Back then they were only four members of the band, Artie Phille (Milhouse, Indecision) vocals, Mike De Lorenzo guitar, Chris Russo bass, Dan Crowell drums. Their set was excellent the music exciting, it was also the night I received their Demo. Immediately after the show I put the demo on in my truck and was blown away, especially when I heard their version of Evil by The 4 Skins. After listening to the demo day in and day out for the following months, the announcement came it was time for a line up change for CM. Brian Meehan (Milhouse, K.Y.I.) joins the band as second guitarist an excellent addition. Brian's first show was at the Anarchist bookstore in Brooklyn, ironically it was Dan's last show. Dan announced he was quitting the band and joining Matt Pond PA. After Dan quit, the band almost broke up. In steps Greg "ELWAY" Ernst (Three Steps Up, C.R.) to save the day and play drums. After Elway's first show in New Jersey CM decided to part ways with Chris. In other words they kicked him out. Fortunately for Celebrity Murders they had already been jamming with Sean McCann (Most Precious Blood, Ghost Armada) on bass, so the transition was seamless. With the addition of these Hardcore veterans the band went from amazing to earth shattering. Now with five members and with a little re-writing of the music, OK maybe not re-writing but speeding up of the music they became one of the most devastating forces to reckoned with in Hardcore.

Now the fun begins with their debut release on Chainsaw Safety Records ( ) . This release was in every way just as interesting as the band itself. The four song 7" titled "The Island Of Man Eating Rats" is actually the songs from the demo with Brian's guitars added. In my opinion the 7" itself is a piece of art. It is a one sided yellow vinyl 7", the recorded side has four songs: All Hail Glacier, Take A Bite, Grey On Beige, and Never Make A Change; the unrecorded side is screen printed with the bands name and trademark Rat printed by Brian Meehan himself ( ) . Another version of the 7" which is my favorite, it too is yellow vinyl but instead of the CM name and rat it has a Baphomet Pentagram screen printed on the unrecorded side. Now with their 7" in my archives it is time for me to venture into Brooklyn to see them at North Six. This would be my first time seeing them with the new line up and my first time seeing Elway in many years, very awesome. The basement of North Six is not my favorite place to see a show but CM proved to me it was worth the trip, besides it was the first time I had Vegan Buffalo Wings from Foodswings leave it to me to always remember the food.

Their next release also on Chainsaw Safety Records is a full-length record titled "Time To Kill Space". This record was completely recorded to tape no digital recording here, it definitely adds to the raw, hard-hitting sound that is Celebrity Murders. The 17 songs do not disappoint they are full of the same angry energy that you get when you see them live. The record was released on CD as well as 12" red vinyl. The "record release" version of the CD was a spoof on Judge's "Chung King Can Suck It". Instead of the Judge Hammer it was a crucifix dildo, very Celebrity Murders!!! There is also a very limited version of the 12" (30 to be exact) that has a cloth jacket embroidered with the same dead rat as the record has on the cover. Again another incredible work of art!!!

I could keep going on about each and every time I saw them, the first time I took my son Alex to see them, no reason to bore you any further. The truth is I haven't seen them in sometime probably since Mike D. left the band. I am actually looking forward to seeing them one last time, besides I never saw them with Ed Ortiz (Cattle Press, The Dying Light) he picked up where Mike D. left off; I am sure I will be just as impressed. The end has come for another Awesome band and this is one band that is not to be forgotten anytime soon. Final Show is September 25,2009 and don't forget another important show September 26,2009 C.R. final show!!!

I would also like to say thanks to Mike D. for helping with some of the interesting facts about Celebrity Murders. Thanks brother!

Friday, July 24, 2009


Capital for those of you who don't know is a hardcore band from the south shore of Long Island. They are not your typical hardcore band they have more than surpassed the normal tough guy NYHC which is extremely boring, hell that was boring in the 80's. Oh crap I am starting to show my age. They are definitely not one of those bands that sing about their feelings to a bunch of fourteen-year-old girls and call themselves hardcore. The lyrics are strong, fierce, and comprehensible. There is no denying that there are a lot of sincere feelings in their lyrics, feelings that are relevant to real life. The music can be described as fast and furious, as well as smooth and flowing, a perfect mixture. They have a very unique sound, when you hear them there is no denying it's Capital, a sound they would refer to as the Long Island Sound. I have heard them being referred too as post-hardcore, which I do not understand. Post-hardcore implies that hardcore is over. Listening to Capital tells me something completely different hardcore is still here.
As a band they are devoted to the music as well as their fans. They only play All Ages shows not to exclude a younger audience.
They sell their merchandise at low prices so people can walk away with a shirt or a record without feeling ripped off. Two aspects of the band that I can appreciate having children who also listen to them.
I could go into where they came from (Silent Majority,
The Reformation) but it is more interesting where they are going as a band. Their latest 7 inch Blind Faith has three awesome tracks one being a Dag Nasty cover. Every time I listen to them I find myself hoping and waiting for their next record. Also check out Signal Corp their first release on Iron Pier Records and Homefront on Revelation Records, Homefront is so amazing it is definitely one of the best Hardcore records EVER!!! If you are a fan of bands like Silent Majority, Milhouse, C.R., Kill Your Idols check out Capital you will not be disappointed. For more information on Capital check them out on Myspace

chris nolte - drums, rob mcallister - guitar, duncan macdougal - bass, joey saccente - guitar, tommy corrigan - vocals

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Tattoos and Vegans

In the past few days I have been obsessing over being Vegan and being Tattooed. I read an article recently about Vegan tattoos that brought up a good point, Are Tattoos Vegan? Being a collector of tattoos for many years and occasionally a tattoo artist, the subject never crossed my mind. The biggest concern about tattoos being Vegan is the ink, tattoo inks are unregulated and not "FDA approved". Manufacturers are not required to reveal their ingredients; the basic ingredients are pigment (for color) and a carrier to disperse the color. Carriers keep the ink mixed evenly, free from pathogens, and aids in application. The professional base ingredients are usually pigment, sterilized water, alcohol, and glycerin. Glycerin is derived from animal fats but there is a vegetable alternative. Most professional tattoo artists use pre-made (pre-dispersed ink), while others mix there own using dry pigment and a carrier. Another problem with tattoo inks is Black (bone black); Black is usually India ink, which is made from burning animal bones and collecting the soot. There are brands of tattoo ink that are Vegan friendly; I will list them at the end. The only way to know for sure if the ink is Vegan would be to ask. Ask if the brand they use is Vegan and if they do not know ask if they can find out from the manufacturer. If the tattoo artist mixes there own ink ask if they use a vegetable base glycerin. It can't hurt to ask.

There are other aspects of the tattooing process that might not be Vegan. For example A&D ointment contains lanolin, this can be replaced with Bacitracin Zinc ointment, which is Vegan. Also there is glycerin in green soap ask if they have an alternative like Dr. Bronners Lavender liquid soap (which smells awesome). If there are any concerns about products being used for your tattoo being Vegan friendly just ask the artist, they should be able to give you an answer and hopefully offer an alternative product. If not offer to bring the Vegan safe products yourself, the worst they can say is "NO".

In a perfect world we would be able to live life 100% Vegan but as we all know the world is not perfect. So just keep doing your part to the best of your ability and enjoy. Personally I try my hardest to be as true to being a Vegan as I can, but I am not ready to give up watching movies because there is gelatin in the film or reading because book glue is made from animal hide and bones. I will definitely not give up getting tattooed because that is part of my whole existence. I am the Tattooed Geek! I will try to make the best effort to keep future tattoo experiences Vegan, but if Filip Leu tells me his ink is not Vegan and I am about to get tattooed, when he is finished I will hang my head in shame (with some fresh ink from Filip).

Pelikan black is Vegan.
Waverly colors are Vegan.
Unique (Permapro) colors are Vegan.
Starbrite is Vegan.
Stable is all Vegan.
Eternal is all Vegan.
Classic is all Vegan.

Thanks for reading,

Friday, June 26, 2009

C.R. Final Show 9.26.09

C.R. the return, these guys are returning for one last show. The show will be in Staten Island on 9.26.09 at Dock Street. They have decided to come together as a band one last time for a proper farewell to one of the greatest hardcore bands of the 90's. This show is guaranteed to be packed with raw energy from the band as well as the crowd. The world as we know it may never be the same and there is a possibility a person or two might lose their heads. Bricks, Mike D., Grove and Elway will reunite with the CRC and a good time will be had by all. This show for some myself included is one of the most anticipated in many years. So that said it is recommended you attend or you might just regret it for the rest of you natural born life. 3 months from now get there if you can and witness the destruction. That's all for now, I am sure the will be more post about C.R. before the show. TG

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Sunny Day Real Estate Reunites, Tours, Reissues :: Music News :: Articles :: Paste

Sunny Day Real Estate Reunites, Tours, Reissues :: Music News :: Articles :: Paste

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Victor Portugal

Here we go my first post. From time to time I will highlight a tattoo artist of interest to me. Hopefully they will also be of interest to you. The tattoo artist this time is Victor Portugal from Dark Times Tattoo in Spain. He is AMAZING, check out his myspace: