Friday, July 24, 2009


Capital for those of you who don't know is a hardcore band from the south shore of Long Island. They are not your typical hardcore band they have more than surpassed the normal tough guy NYHC which is extremely boring, hell that was boring in the 80's. Oh crap I am starting to show my age. They are definitely not one of those bands that sing about their feelings to a bunch of fourteen-year-old girls and call themselves hardcore. The lyrics are strong, fierce, and comprehensible. There is no denying that there are a lot of sincere feelings in their lyrics, feelings that are relevant to real life. The music can be described as fast and furious, as well as smooth and flowing, a perfect mixture. They have a very unique sound, when you hear them there is no denying it's Capital, a sound they would refer to as the Long Island Sound. I have heard them being referred too as post-hardcore, which I do not understand. Post-hardcore implies that hardcore is over. Listening to Capital tells me something completely different hardcore is still here.
As a band they are devoted to the music as well as their fans. They only play All Ages shows not to exclude a younger audience.
They sell their merchandise at low prices so people can walk away with a shirt or a record without feeling ripped off. Two aspects of the band that I can appreciate having children who also listen to them.
I could go into where they came from (Silent Majority,
The Reformation) but it is more interesting where they are going as a band. Their latest 7 inch Blind Faith has three awesome tracks one being a Dag Nasty cover. Every time I listen to them I find myself hoping and waiting for their next record. Also check out Signal Corp their first release on Iron Pier Records and Homefront on Revelation Records, Homefront is so amazing it is definitely one of the best Hardcore records EVER!!! If you are a fan of bands like Silent Majority, Milhouse, C.R., Kill Your Idols check out Capital you will not be disappointed. For more information on Capital check them out on Myspace

chris nolte - drums, rob mcallister - guitar, duncan macdougal - bass, joey saccente - guitar, tommy corrigan - vocals

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